Color Personality Test - True, Tiktok, KTestOne

Take a 5-minute color personality test to find the color and personality type that represent you using artificial intelligence.

What Is Color Personality Test?

The Color Personality Test is a simple 25 question quiz that determines which color suits for your personality or nature.

According to Hashtag Hyena, It is based on Don Lowry's True Colors personality profiling system developed in 1978.

The Colors personality profiling system is based on a theory that everyone's personality is a combination of blue, orange, green, and gold as per the degrees.

As each color defines -

  • Blue - Blue color defines that your personality is Conservative and structured

  • Orange - Orange color defines that your personality is Progressive and innovative

  • Yellow - Yellow color defines that your personality is Optimistic and enthusiastic

  • Green - Green color defines that your personality is Balanced and practical

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How does Color Personality Test Work?

The test is based on a personality theory, also called the "Five Factor Model" or "Big Five," created by two researchers, Paul Costa and Robert McCrae.

They believe that personality is a combination of five main factors:

  1. Openness to experience

  2. Conscientiousness

  3. Extraversion

  4. Agreeableness

  5. Neuroticism

As you start the quiz, you need to answer a series of questions to provide insight brief knowledge about your personality.

The questions won't have anything to do with colors. Instead, you'll answer questions about your life and day-to-day activity done by you.

You would choose what you do when you're answering each question honestly. You must look at each question critically and give the correct answer to receive a correct score.

The results are very accurate if you were honest and answered the test questions honestly.